Thursday, July 19, 2012

Emerald Lake, Part 1

One more of Logan with Longs Peak in the background.  We woke up to sunshine on Day 2 and things were much more photo-friendly.

Nick and Bryce -- the out-numbered boys of this trip.  They are out to hunt-fish-stab-shoot-club-kill-whittle-or-stab anything they can find.  And Aaron think they are the coolest thing ever.

Longs Peak.  Can't shoot it enough.

Getting ready for the shuttle to the Emerald Lake hike.

And off we go.  The Emerald Lake hike goes past 3 lakes.  3.6 miles roundtrip with a 600 foot climb in elevation.  Doesn't seem so bad until you realize that the base elevation of the hike is 9,500 feet.  Feels like a 36 mile hike!

Nymph Lake.  My favorite to photograph of the 3 lake.

That's Karen in the pink shirt.  Can you spot her?

Mitchell getting the perfect shot.

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